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Graphic Design is an art form. It is a medium of expression. Images are a way to convey meaning, feelings and emotions. Combined with the right text and copy, it is a surefire way to draw attention to your business, or to get messages across. Depending on the style of the graphics, different moods can be achieved, and you can capture your audience and bring them to an imaginary land of your own making, before setting them free in your vision and letting them roam within the products of your imagination.
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Web Design is a fundamental part of your internet life. Whether you’re running a business or setting up a personal site, web design is an essential part of your branding. It is the storefront of your business, the face of your blog. A good web design can make or break your personal image. Whether you want to appear formal-like and corporate, fun and casual, or cute and bubbly, you will need a combination of graphic design skills plus appropriate coding in order to bring your vision to fruition.
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Illustrations start from an empty canvas. A blank slate is full of possibilities. It’s just like a newborn infant; you can lead it in whatever direction that is available. However, just like child-rearing, it can lead to a beautiful and refined teenager, or a rebellious youth. This depends on the amount of information and instructions you give, which comes from how much you are able to envision the end result that you’d like to achieve. You can also go with the flow with its growth, and be pleasantly surprised. Customised illustrations are perfect as gifts, or for use as personal branding.
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